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Using a Sitemap

When there are multiple pages, and you don't want to put them deep down making it difficult for the search engine to find it, then you can design a sitemap. When one reaches home page, the sitemap is just a click away. All other pages are just at a stone's throw. This is called the optimization of your site.

If all the pages are thus linked, and each page gets a chance to be indexed for a search engine which means it is going to be found out.

What about big sites with a lot of pages? Linking with the sitemap will be clumsy. Other hidden links can be avoided. What should be the strategy? Place a link from the home page to the sitemap, from sitemap to every important pages, and make it easy for the search engine to find out all your pages.

It is a good idea to place a link from each of the pages to the sitemap. This way, even the not-so-significant pages will get indexed.

Sitemaps for large sites

Since only 101 k is the limit to get indexed of every web page, it is not viable to put a large page. But a search engine can view only 100 web pages at any point of time, which is another limitation.

For 100 pages, there can be a sitemap of 101k of size for the search engine to find the site in total.

One sitemap within the root domain will make the indexing of one or two of the first pages and allow the visitor to crawl through.

In case of more than 100 page size, there have to be more than one sitemap. If all the sitemaps are not possible to be indexed, then there can be one master sitemap with links to the important sitemaps. These links can be further subdivided and arranged. A backward link to each distinct master site would help the visitor from getting lost.

So, at the end of the day, your website should not use more than three links deeper. By using the above tricks one should be able to achieve that.

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