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Submitting your site to Yahoo

If you have developed your own website it is advisable that you should forwards it to some recognized Search Engine so that the people could reach to you through the same. Yahoo is one of the most renowned and powerful search engines thus it is could prove the smart move if you keep it on your priority list.

Many search engines like Google, Yahoo, Live may be enthusiastic to know about your website. For furnishing the optimal possible searching or browsing pleasure to their regular users, these search engines always target to gather the maximum available contents from the various websites on the internet.

During the yester years we used to simply create the home page of our website and leave the spider or the visitor to search out the rest of the pages on the website on their own. But now the technology has more advanced and it extends all the support in submitting your detailed technicalities along with all the related information that you think will help the site visitors.

The submission of the RSS or the Atom feed with the complete detailed informations of your websites or even a simple file having all the URLs listed in the text format is made very easy and simple nowadays by using Sitemaps Builder. Once your XML or urllist.txt file have been created for you, just upload it to your server and thereafter Submit The Site to Yahoo. For doing any of these activities you need to have the Yahoo account which is completely free of charge so if you do not have one just get it done on priority. It is of course beneficial to forward the complete site to Yahoo in one stroke. Only by getting your pages included in the search engine index it is not granted that you will find visitors.

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