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Increase website traffic with sitemap

For updating and enhancing the performance level of the web pages the SEO sitemaps are practically found to be very helpful. The process of developing or reforming and updating the internet websites for enabling its easy access by the various search engines is better known as the SEO which is the abbreviated term for Search Engine Optimization. The basic idea and purpose of the SEO operation is to reflect the websites on the top listing which means the initial result pages of the respective internet website search engines.

The top scorers on the global level so far internet research engines are concerned the Google and A9 are controlling the strongest database of web pages and web files in the world. For creating and developing this database they have designed a program better known as the Web Crawler or the Web Spider. All the contents in the Web are automatically and continuously being surfed and hunted by this amazing software. With the help of this software the pages spotted by the spider are retrieved and alphabetically maintained according to the content of its text by more emphasizing on its titles as well as the paragraph headlines. The spiders continuously navigate the word to word of page to page on the web for indexing the related contents of the Internet. Even the default tags, if any, found while looking at the text of titles and headlines some of the programs are capable of keeping a systematic listing of such page keywords or key phrases in its index.

While exercising the search by any user on the internet website simply by typing his query on the internet the program automatically interprets the query taking as keywords and promotes the search engine to scan the saved index instantly by making a list of web pages that are more concerned to the searchers query.

The techniques of keyword analysis, smart code, literature with good content, linkage of popularity studies as well as organizing the website for placing the subject webpage at the highest position on the least of Search Results in the search engines are widely used by the SEO. It is for sure that the pages with the top results put on the top of the website always get more consideration hence the chances of earning on web businesses and pages with the help of sponsored links are getting brighter.

Based on the number of internet sites linked with various search engines they generally return a list of results ranked pages, by categorizing such results as Organic or Sponsored links. The Sponsored links are however reflected duly highlighted since its owners or agents have paid the stipulated charges to the concerned search engines as it is well known that the Sponsored links are one of the major sources of income for any search engines. Nevertheless results of the Organic search are simply the list of the actual results gathered from the engines index which are directly relevant to the keywords typed by the visitor for query.

Developing the well systemized sitemaps on the internet website is one of the most helpful techniques of the SEO. The spiders are able to move very easily in the website for identifying the key words of its contents and prepare the index of the same for search engines because the main pages as well as the other contents are directly connected to the site maps. At this juncture the SEO sitemap comes in actual action for helping the website developers or its managers.


Generally the pages that store various links are technically called the Site Maps. Such Site maps are revealed as the tables or listings but the listings are rather more helpful. Formatting and maintaining as well as writing the code for the SEO sitemaps is really simple and quite easy. Preferably these are the fundamental HTML pages accompanied by the default tags, reasonable titles as well as the keywords spread in the Meta descriptions. However more key words could be stored in the introduction regions. For each of such directories should have the key titles.

The needless tags that probably conceal the key words could be reduced through the layout of simple listings. Anyway, some of the spiders however emphasize more on the following as compared to the standard body of the web pages: text of the titles, the contents stipulated within the link factors, the text on the top portion of the concerned pages and last but not the least the text that is written for any links. Hence, simply by writing the key words and the links at this juncture could anyway push the ranking on the web page a bit upwards; similarly it is applicable to the SEO too. The navigation models should pursue the site map’s flow to enable the continuous designing of the Web sites. Hence, the site map should have the first section as the first link in the navigation bar. The headings generally contain the title characteristics where the most of the key phrases in the site maps could be added in most of the web pages as well as in the SEO. The Key words are mostly well selected and written in the bodies of the web pages.   

It could not ever be assured that the website will positively be included in the organic Search results. Nonetheless, dependable SEO sitemaps system could be utilized for placing the website in the further higher in the search position. Consistent observations and modifications of the SEO Sitemaps and search results may assure for website’s top position and thus get the optimum web user traffics.