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Articles » Spider-Friendly Webpage » Session Ids

Session Ids

Session ids are made to identify embedded URLs which allow website to track the status of a custom from one page to another such as when shopping online the session Ids keep track of items listed in your shopping cart. Search engines sometimes have a problem with session ids because session ids create larger number of links for the search engine to crawl which can cause a problem if the same content is generated repeatedly, the search engine can get stuck and have no idea which way to go so it ends up going in circles.

An example of link with session id:


It looks like a number of links that look like original URLs so the spider can chase the code through to a single site. An example of a site where the spider actually downloads the information may look like when that page loads the spider runs back over to the beginning and grabs another page to download until it finds another URL even though the tracking numbers are different it is still the same page downloading but the spider sees it a new URL which is why a spider may not want to back track so spider avoids it.

You have not to use session id parameter at your URL and do not include such pages in your sitemap and index.

If target audience of your Web application is business-oriented you could store Session ID in cookies and ask your users to allow sites to set cookies at their browsers. <.p>

To change your privacy settings for Internet Explorer:
Menu: Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy tab
On the Privacy tab, move the slider up for a higher level of privacy or down for a lower level of privacy. Medium level of privacy is default.
MS IE Options dialog (9.5k)

To turn on cookies for Firefox:
Menu: Tools-> Options-> Privacy-> Cookies-> Allows sites to set cookies
Firefox Options dialog (13.2k)