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On Page Optimization

In this modern world, the internet has emerged as the highly competitive area, according to the various stories hovering around and trying to convey like internet helps providing chance of making easy money and so on. In the progressing competitive world today it has become more essential to the significance of implementing and executing grades of your well designed search engine optimization policies and obtain the competitive benefits over your competitors on the internet.

Quite a few internet marketing companies unluckily do not exactly have any specialized search engine optimization policies since they are almost uncertain about ascertaining that actually how they require optimizing their webpage for placing their websites on the top ranking status in the internet world. Keeping this in the mind let us evaluate some of the precise factors that may widely enable you to appropriately optimize your internet web page:

  • First and most primarily check out your code - which is one of the most universal reasons for the poor search engine grading is mostly because of its improper coding. Hence it is quite advisable to run your web site through the html validator similar like that of Let us refer to a few precise optimization notes for the top three search engines.
  • Live / MSN values on page optimization more than Google does permitting for the increased keyword density i.e. the numbers or the strengths of such keywords that are reflected on the web page of your internet web site
  • Keyword stuffing dictates the repeatation of the identical keywords again and again - irritating the web site visitors or users of your website to abandon the site more quickly
  • Keyword anchor text - all the internal site links are significant hence do try to link expansively within your site with the help of your anchor text that reveals to the similar theme or topics of the web page that you are establishing your links to
  • Meta Tags are also equally important and needs to be taken care of
  • Keywords - simply try to place the keywords in the title of your web page, mega tags twice in your descriptive tags and five times with distinctively bold fonts duly high lighted in the body of your internet web page
  • Keywords does matter in your URL, and also the folders as well as the page names

Live / MSN may ban your site:

  • If you utilize loading the pages with unrelated words or keywords stuffing specifically in the places where the users would not generally see it similar as the alt tag
  • If concealed text or links are used by you on your internet web site
  • If you use any techniques for enhancing the strengths of the links unnaturally to your web page e.g. by using the link farms

Notes on Yahoo and Google: For getting listed on the Yahoo and Google search engine optimizations, you are required to use all the available techniques that are listed above in the Live / MSN section.

You should thoroughly check out what is precisely been working for your competitors in terms of how, when and where before using your keywords. Google and Yahoo never give away their secrets hence it is obviously better to check what is exactly working for the others as well as what they do.

Nevertheless, we very well know that both Google and Yahoo leave the reasonably high importance on the numbers and quality of the internet web sites linking to your web site. It is believed that they also mark some importance on any keywords used for the folders, page names and the URLs of your internet web site.

The other essential factor worth remembering is that both the Yahoo and Google have been under influence of Inktomi mainly following how they list and grade websites and algorithms that they use, at any point that is meant to reason that if you optimize appropriately for Inktomi you should see some improvements in your Yahoo and Google grading.

Remembering this given hereunder is the brief outline of on site optimization:

Title: you are to use up to ten words here with the help of as many variants of the keywords as possible and yet developing the easily readable web title.

Meta Description: here you are to use within twenty words, respelling the keywords used in the title. It usually does not prefer leaving space after the commas for separating the keywords and perhaps that is really something about it which is displeasing me.

Body: Just proceed and repeat your title in the h3 tag.

Use bold letter options for the first sentence of your very first paragraph. This will increase visual appeal for your web site visitors, as well as simultaneously signifying the definite amount of importance to the search engine spiders.

For every picture that you have displayed on your web page use one keyword in the alt tag. Maintain your page between 500 and 700 words only. Use the bold fonts for the final sentence of your page, rephrasing the first sentence of your first paragraph.

Basically that is all that required. Go for some research in regards to what is presently working for your competitor's and there after optimize your pages using the points listed hereinabove and just notice your website's search engine grade increase radically.