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Keep your URLs Simple

When webpage comes to search engines they find webpages by following links just like when you use your browser the only difference is that search engines do this in a faster motion. Search engines download, scan, and queue in a rapid motion first they grab the first link which is queued and repeat each step until all of the links are followed.

Most ecommerce websites vigorously produce URLs which means that URLs are created by pulling variable out of a record or data base which match product descriptions.

URLs which are created in this fashion usually contain characters such as ?,+, and =. So as an example a website that sells wedding supplies might look like this which will look like this in your address bar


It may even come up like this

Most search engine spider does not have a long stamina which is improving in how long and rapid they generate a URL. A site with a shorter URL will be crawled more effectively. If your ecommerce Website employ dynamically generated URLs and they are not visible on Google you can utilize Google Sitemap program. Just Build Google XML Sitemap and notify Google about changes at your website.