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Articles » Spider-Friendly Webpage » JavaScript, Frames, and Flash animation

JavaScript, Frames, and Flash animation

These pages with Frames, JavaScript, and Flash animation are not used by search engines normally because of their challenges. But there are certain procedures that can be taken help of to use these effectively.


The noframes section of the page containing relevant content would be optimized and indexed by the search engine while the frame is sent to the human browser. There has to be logical text with the <noframes> section which can be displayed to the browser.window Unless the source code is viewed, the <noframes> area remains invisible to the user.

A secure server intertwined with frames won't display the "closed-lock" icon on the browser window which will affect sales because customer need secure when provide with it.


It is not essential to design decked up pages which are useless for a search engine. While using JavaScript, the script content has to be remotely placed in .js file so that ranking remains unaffected. Naming the script as menu.js file, the reference from the html page would be as follows:

<script language=JavaScript src="javascript/menu.js"

One can do without Javascript, because there are other ways to look attractive on the web page.